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  Is there a Vegan Bake Sale for Immigrant Familites near you?

(note these events all take/took place in July, 2018)

Hey, all! You can support the mini-movement of vegan bake sales popping up to benefit immigrants and asylum-seekers in the US. We just had ours in Chicago (raised over $3K!) and there are more across the country, popping up in the coming weeks. Here are five of them! Please share because you never know who might be able to attend and raise money for a really important cause. All bake sales are going to benefit the work of RAICES and many also are benefitting state organizations that are working for immigrants' rights.

The Bake Sale for Immigrant Families hosted by Indy VegFest in Indianapolis on July 6!

The Vegan Bake Sale for Immigrant Families and Asylum Seekers hosted by VOAA in Denver on July 8!

The Vegan Bake Sale for Immigrant Families & Children hosted by Justice for Animals in Pittsburgh on July 14!

The Vegan Bake Sale to Benefit Immigrant and Refugee Families
hosted by Sara Andrews and Iris Nhi in Madison, WI on July 14!

The Ithaca Vegan Bake Sale for Immigrant Families & Asylum Seekers hosted by Amber Gilewski and Maija Cantori in Ithaca, NY on July 22!

If you don't live in one of these cities, please share anyway because you never know who it can reach. Also, If your town isn't having one but you'd like to, shoot me a message and I may be able to offer some assistance. In any case, good stuff is happening! Much gratitude to these people who are proving that you can be vegan and *also* step up for human rights.

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