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Okay, today we have deliciously creepy Frankentoast AND a really exciting announcement! We’ve been working long hours since the idea first struck us to create something that I think will really step up your vegan game: It’s an e-book we have very subtly titled, Fun, Festive and Fabulous Vegan Holidays for Everyone: Recipes, Puns, Historic Lore, Tips and More to Help You Celebrate Without Compromise,( and you will LOVE it. We cover ten celebrations along with more than 75 previously published and brand-spanking-new recipes – all vegan and gluten-free – that are designed for everyone from the beginning to more experienced cooks to recreate in their own kitchens with ingredients that are easy to access, helping you to party, vegan style. Whether you’re vegan or not, whether you celebrate certain holidays or not, you will find dozens of really fun, delicious and damn impressive recipes to enjoy year-round, along with puns, historic lore, tips and so much more. Available in pdf form on November 1st (World Vegan Day - woot!), and for Kindle, Nook, etc, a few days after that. Vegan Holidays for Everyone will help anyone to learn how to celebrate without compromise.


1 piece of bread, plain or toasted
ripe avocado, mashed
1 circle hearts of palm, cut in half
1 olive, cut in half
1 strip roasted red bell pepper
Nori, cut into jagged pieces with a kitchen shears/scissors

Spread your mashed avocado on your piece of bread, then place down the hearts of palm (eyes), olive halves on top of the palm hearts (irises), red bell pepper strip (mouth) and pieces of nori (hair and eyebrows). Eat and growl menacingly.

2013-2017, Vegan Street

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