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6. Technology helps you over hurdles.

6 Technology helps you over hurdles.

If you have a smartphone, there are some helpful and very affordable apps that can take much of the pesky guesswork out of your vegan practice. I was late to the app train, but now that I am on it, I am fully aboard. The ones with asterisks are ones that I can personally vouch for; the others are recommendations from my friends in the vegan community.

*HappyCow ($3.99): The big kahuna of vegan dining options, this is the very handy app version of the beloved website, pointing you to all the vegan options in your vicinity – listing restaurants, markets and shops - and handily merges with your phone’s map to take you right there. This app is worth the price many times over, especially when traveling.

*VeganXPress ($1.99): a very useful app for finding vegan food at chain and fast food restaurants as well as a beer, wine, liquor guide.

Is it Vegan? ($4.99) - This mobile tool app scans ingredient labels for you and identifies animal products.

Cruelty-Cutter (free) – Another app scanner to help you identify companies that do and do not use animal testing.

The Chocolate List (free): This handy free app from the Food Empowerment Project helps you to find human slavery-free cocoa products when you get a chocolate craving. Please note that not all companies listed are vegan.

Food Monster (free): With more than 5,000 recipes and ten new ones added each day, One Green Planet’s Food Monster is the biggest vegan food app.

Leaping Bunny (free): A helpful tool for determining animal testing standards for products and companies. Please be mindful that this does not scan for animal ingredients, merely for animal testing, so something may have a Leaping Bunny approval while not being vegan. Bizarre, yes, I know.

The 21-Day Vegan Kickstart (free): PCRM’s famous app gives people tools, recipes and support through that challenging first few weeks.

Nutrition Facts’ Daily Dozen (free): Dr. Michael Greger’s app is a handy checklist of the twelve healthiest foods to include in your daily diet.

Forks Over Knives ($4.99): The companion app to the film that changed – and saved – so many lives, this award-winning app offers more than 300 heart-healthy, plant-based recipes from more than 20 chefs with new recipes added each week.

Responsible Eating and Living (free): Hundreds of recipes as well as podcasts, travelogues and more from masterful communicator (and longtime vegan) Caryn Hartglass and her partner, Gary De Mattai.

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