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9. Don’t let yourself get famished.

9 Don’t let yourself get famished.

Whether this means having a snack with you if you know you’ll be somewhere without food or making sure you speak to your dining needs when dining out with friends, these first few months especially, it’s really important that you don’t leave yourself high and dry, or low and starving, when hunger hits. I don’t know about you, but I know for myself, when I am hungry, I can’t always be trusted to make the best decisions. Or, you know, be the nicest person. Taking care of yourself could mean keeping your kitchen stocked so you have food on hand for a quick and easy meal, it could mean that you download some of those apps mentioned above so you’ll always know where to find vegan food, or it could mean keeping a nutrition bar in your purse or glove box in case of emergencies. Part of how you can successfully navigate early veganism is to show up for yourself by anticipating your needs and making sure they are met.

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