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The Fanciful Fox

Product Review:
The Fanciful Fox
by Marla Rose

Last week, we had the great fortune of having a booth set up right next to the Fanciful Fox Homemade Soaperie booth at Vegetarian Summerfest, so we were surrounded by the lovely scent of aromatic essential oils that kept us calm and centered all day. Well, as calm and centered as I get. The Fanciful Fox is a completely cruelty-free (“Tested on dirty vegans, not animals,” they boast), small-batch bath and personal care company run by a mother-daughter team that is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of integrity, including crafting many items that are entirely or largely organic and Fair Trade. So no nasty petrochemicals or parabens are included, thank goodness. I don’t know if this matters, either, but I got to observe co-owner Kathie Fox (the mama of the team) for five days at Summerfest with her partner (Barbara Sitomer of Gone Pie Vegan Bakery) and she was smiling and laughing all week. So was Barbara. I can’t promise the same would happen for you if you use Fanciful Fox products, but, hey, it can’t hurt to try. (It could also be the Gone Pie goodies, too, of course.)

I was given some items for review. It’s a rough job but I submitted to this hardship to bring you the scoop on the Fanciful Fox skin goodies.

Flavored Lip Balm
Who doesn’t like a good lip balm that is free of bee products and synthetics? Fanciful Fox makes an excellent vegan balm out of organic, Fair Trade cocoa butter and shea butter that will leave your kisser smooth without a distracting gloppy texture. I got mine in the lychee flavor, but there are many other tempting ones to choose among, from peanut butter and root beer to pistachio and black cherry. At $3.50, this is a steal and there are so many flavors to try. The balms also come in tinted, larger-sized and simply essential oil varieties.

Body Oil
A completely non-greasy oil blend that absorbs right into your grateful skin, this is crafted with hemp seed oil (making it green tinted in the bottle, which doesn’t last on the skin) and gives you soft, smooth skin. I chose the Wanderlust variety, which is lavender blended with rosemary, and it’s an uplifting, happy scent. Rubbed on after the shower or even used in the bathtub, you don’t need much for a quality skin treat. I appreciate that it’s rubs right in, leaving no greasy film on the skin. The body oils are $18.00, a pretty fair price for the quality of ingredients and the fact that you won’t need to use much each time. I’m loving this stuff.

Cleanser Scrub Cake
Now this is some interesting stuff. The version I got, Black Magic, is a thick exfoliating cleanser made of Dead Sea mud, bentonite clay, Tahitian black sand and other ingredients you see everywhere all the time (kidding!). You break off a small piece, mix it with a little water in your cupped hand and gently exfoliate away. This is specially made for sensitive skin and my skin is so positively emo, it’s really grateful to be acknowledged. There is another version called White Magic that is made for dry or “normal” skin. (My sensitive skin is hurt by these labels but I will let it go.) This left my skin soft, calm and refreshed. Not something you need to use every day, more like a couple times a week, at just $13.00, this is a fantastic deal because it will last a long time.

Sore Muscle and Joint Relief Cream
Oh, yeah, this is the stuff. You can ask my husband, since I’ve taken up running and more of an intense workout, I am constantly complaining about being sore. [It’s true. - John] This magic lotion, though, works like a charm. After all those hours in the car driving from IL to PA and back again as well as keeping up my running at Summerfest, I can attest that this stuff works. Thick but non-greasy and easily absorbed, the herbs, essential oils and menthol kick into gear right away, soothing your tired and aching muscles. I’ve been keeping it bedside so I can end the day with tingly, relaxed skin. It’s also very moisturizing. At $14.00, this is another keeper, great for athletes and anyone with body stiffness.

There is a lot to choose from on the Fanciful Fox shop, including products for babies, a men’s grooming line, and a deodorant that I heard raves about. Oh, and their signature line of soaps. Definitely check out this dedicated vegan shop and consider supporting their great, quality-committed business.

Vegan Street received this product for free to review and this was my honest evaluation.

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