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Vegan Cuts Beauty Box

Product Review:
Vegan Cuts Vegan Beauty Box
by Marla Rose

I’ll just get this out in the open right at the get go. I am a frustrated beauty product junky.

I am a junky, yes, but I have kept my habits under control for years because I just cannot keep up with the cruelty-free statuses of the various companies. It’s so complicated and ever-changing. For one, some companies do not test on animals but don’t maintain a cruelty-free line because some products, like mascara, may contain animal ingredients such as lanolin or beeswax, while others, like lip pencils, do not. Another complication arises when the brand itself does not test but the parent company does, such as in the case of Origins being owned by Estée Lauder, a company that does test to be compliant with regulations in China. And yet another complication arises when brands that do not test are acquired by brands that do, such as in the recent buy-out of the vegan-friendly Tarte Cosmetics by Japan’s Kose Company. It’s too much for me to keep track of so I tend to stay safe with the few brands and items I trust but that gets boring when I’m ready to try out new colors and products. (I know, I know, first world problems...)

This is all to say that the ever-shifting world of cruelty-free cosmetics is very hard to navigate at times but now we have something to help those of us who want to audition new personal care products in our rotation without compromising our values and without giving us headaches. Vegan Beauty Box to the rescue!

Vegan Beauty Box, brought to us by the style mavens behind Vegan Cuts, offers the same concept behind their signature snack box to personal care products and cosmetics: for $19.95 each month, subscribers get between 4 - 7 new products to test. (They ship internationally!) Some full-size items, some sample sizes, all carefully vetted to ensure the cruelty-free status as well as attention to high quality of ingredients, the Beauty Box has been painstakingly curated to bring a good variety of unique, lovely items in each delivery.  I received a complimentary Beauty Box for review a week or so ago and I have to say that I am very impressed. The May Vegan Beauty Box was a great value for a thwarted product junky such as myself and a nice opportunity to try some exciting emerging brands. Here was what came in my box and my honest review of each item:

Lauren Brooke

Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques: Who wants to put chemicals close to their eyes? This stuff is loaded with ingredients like organic aloe, horsetail and burdock for a mascara that is not only effective (it did not smudge but it was easy to wash off) but natural. It even smelled good. I got some nice lash extension out of it, too, and no clumps. This was a sample size.

Sunny Body

Goddess Garden Organics Sunny Body 30 SPF Natural Sunscreen:
Chemical-free, dermatologist recommended and 100% biodegradable (plus stored in a recyclable tube), this sunscreen received a top rating from the Environmental Working Group for its high standards. With certified organic ingredients that still offers 40 minutes of broad resistant skin protection, this sunscreen was lightweight , easily absorbed and not greasy, which I love. The whole family can use this beauty. This came in a sample size.


Halona by Tallulah Jane: Fresh, bright and subtle, the Halona scent by natural and sustainable perfume crafters Tallulah Jane is perfect for the warm days ahead. With lime, ginger and “Eastern spices,” it is a gently refreshing scent. It reminds me a bit of a tea in a Japanese teahouse: tranquil and herby. Scents are so personal and while I gravitate toward spicier ones, I can imagine this would be especially nice in the summer months. For anyone looking for a non-cloying but distinct scent, Halona may be perfect. This came in a sample size.


Sevi Blue Yarrow Sea Salt Texturizer:
Designed to give curls light body and definition without the   crunchiness that so often comes with similar products, this made me “SQUEEEE!” the second I saw it in the box. Curly girl powers: activated. It did not disappoint. Not only does it smell heavenly from the essential oils - including grapefruit and Mandarin scents - it gives curls a nice little lift and sassy bounce while imparting a softness. I would definitely order this again. This came in a 2.15 oz. spray bottle, a $4.00 value.

Gourmet Body Treats

Gourmet Body Treats Raw Finishing Powder: Ooo la la. Is it hot in here or is it just me? Doesn’t matter because now I have Raw Finishing Powder to the rescue. Arriving in a beautiful square container that made me fan myself with excitement, this finishing powder is gluten-free, paraben-free and basically safe to eat if that’s what steams your broccoli. Made with organic arrowroot, hibiscus extract, sugar beets and more plant sources, this powder melts like fairy dust into your skin and creates a lovely finish with skin that can still breathe. In other words, this ain’t your grandma’s heavy powder. Lovely stuff. This came in a 0.25 oz. container, a $32.00 value!

Skin Again

SkinAgain Youth: Holy moly, this is the pièce de résistance, my friends. The holy grail, the big kahuna...okay, I’ll stop. You get the idea. The SkinAgain brand was developed by someone who suffered bad burns. This particular line is designed to diminish wrinkles and dark spots as well as improve elasticity. It works on all skin types, including my sensitive skin (it is paraben-, fragrance-, and gluten-free) and it is allergy tested. This stuff is an amazing elixir: lightweight but effective. I saw noticeable improvement in my skin quality, making it dewier and with a softer texture. I will most likely order this again. Hold on to your seats, too: Vegan Beauty Box subscribers received a full 3.4 fluid oz. tube, which retails for $64.00. Yes, $64.00 in a $19.95 box!

Yowza, this was a great value. I highly recommend the Vegan Beauty Box for yourself or as a gift (they can be purchased that way, too). It is very worth it, a lot of fun, and a great chance to support some exceptional small businesses.

Vegan Street received this product for free to review and this was my honest evaluation.

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