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Vegan Street reviews derma e natural skin care products

Vegan Street Reviews DERMA E Natural Skin Care Products
by Marla Rose

I have a skin type that is, generously called, sensitive. Gets its feelings hurt easily, can’t hide its emotions, feels all the highs and lows, and it’s all written out there on my epidermis for everyone to see. Over the years, I’ve gotten tons of unsolicited advice from people about it, from the helpful (take a probiotic) to the not so helpful (meditate more) and I have to say, not much of it has made a big difference. With decent sleep, removing gluten, reducing sugar and other tweaks, I’ve been able to keep my breakouts largely under control but, still, my skin often has a mind of its own, especially when I’m very busy, worried and stressed, as I was around Chicago VeganMania. Thankfully, this package of DERMA E  arrived for review a week or two before CVM and maybe that was why my usual flare-ups were at a minimum. I can’t prove that the DERMA E is responsible for a calmer complexion but it’s within the realm of possibilities, right? Further, these products are so high-quality, regardless of anything, I am glad to have them in my regular skin care rotation.

First of all, the family-owned DERMA E is vegan, paraben-free, gluten-free (yup, it’s a thing with skin care, too) and cruelty-free. They have multiple lines for different skin types, like Hydrating for dry skin, Age-Defying for aging skin and Evenly Radiant for improving skin tone. I was sent a range of products: the Purifying Toner Mist, the Hydrating Day Cream and the Hydrating Night Cream for moisturizers, the Overnight Peel and the Microdermabrasion Scrub for exfoliation.

First, let’s start with the Toner. While “marine algae” by itself doesn’t conjure great olfactory associations, this product smells so bright, fresh and clean, I found myself tempted to drink it a few times. I imagine it is much better on your skin than in your mouth, though. This toner is refreshing, enriching and fortifying. My skin feels so invigorated every time I use it. Rich with minerals from seaweed (but not smelling seaweed-y at all!), this toner helps to create a fresh canvas for the moisturizers and a refreshing start for your day.

On to the Moisturizers: I would say that they are both very rich, lux and emollient. I love that the ingredients include things like organic green tea leaf extract and organic aloe vera extract, not mineral oil or sodium lauryl sulfates. As someone who is averse to most perfumes, I also appreciate that these are not heavily scented, just very lightly with delicate plumeria blossom, a scent that didn’t linger. (Another issue for the fragrance sensitive.) My skin absorbed the morning and night creams immediately and without a greasy residue. Another plus: because they are so rich, you really only need a small dab for your face and throat. These will last a long time.

The Overnight Peel is recommended to apply overnight once or twice a week. With Alpha Hydroxy Acid, the Overnight Peel very gently but effectively exfoliates and leaves skin feeling and looking refreshed and bright, evening out skin tone. It is light and does not feel like a peel at all as it is absorbed by your skin right away like a moisturizer; when you rinse your skin in the morning, you won’t even remember you had it one but you will be rewarded with fresh, revived skin. If you try nothing else, get the Overnight Peel. (But seriously, the other stuff is worth it.) It is also fragrance-free.

Last, the Microdermabrasion Scrub. Recommended to use on wet skin twice a week, the first time I used this, it hurt my poor sensitive skin but then I read that if it feels too harsh, just apply with a lighter touch. I did and the problem was solved. This is a powerful, cream-based exfoliator and one that all skin types can use, though those with sensitive skin will want to use less pressure. Really impressive.

I am so grateful to have had a chance to discover this company’s products. A notch above the standard hippy vegan skin care you’d find at Whole Foods Market, DERMA E costs a little more but the quality of the ingredients means that you are paying for really great products and they will last quite a while. Six weeks into using them, I have barely made a dent on anything but the toner. I love their commitment to creating small-batch vegan skin care and environmental stewardship (they use recyclable materials in their packaging and their office is 100% wind-powered). This is a great independent business and I am happy to recommend DERMA E.

Vegan Street received this product for free to review and this was my honest evaluation.

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