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Vegan Street Reviews GoMacro Thrive Bars

Vegan Street Reviews GoMacro Thrive Bars
by Marla Rose

It’s not always easy to find nutrition bars that are actually nutritious. Many are loaded with sugar and junky ingredients, long on filler, short of real substance. I was happy to have a chance to taste and review these new Thrive Ancient Seeds Superfood Nut Bars from a small, family-owned vegan business and farm in Southwest Wisconsin called GoMacro. First off, all their bars are vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, kosher, low-glycemic, organic and certified GMO-free. The new bars come in six flavors, in addition to their twelve MacroBars, and all are less than 200 calories a bar. They feature Fair Trade chocolate chips, their organic seed blend (which is quinoa, flax and hemp hearts), EFAs, plant-based protein and prebiotic fiber. Alternatively sweetened using brown rice syrup and coconut sugar, these are still tasty enough that they taste like medicine but not so candy-like you are practically eating a Snickers bar, either. I had not tried GoMacro products before and I have to say, these were a hit at our house.

The new varieties come in classic and imaginative flavor combinations: Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip; Chocolate, Nuts and Sea Salt; Blueberry Lavender; Ginger Lemon; Almond Apricot and Caramel Coconut. They are all pleasantly chewy and with just a bit of crunch. I have tried all at this point and though I am a sucker for chocolate – and they are good – I was surprised to see that the Ginger Lemon and Blueberry Lavender were my favorites. The Ginger Lemon is bright and cheerful without any sticky-sweetness and, oh, my gosh, the Blueberry Lavender is like summer in bar form. The intoxicating lavender flavor suffuses the bar and lifts the spirit. These bars will be in my toolbox for coping with winter this year.

I loved all the flavors. GoMacro’s Thrive bars are perfect for a pre- or post-workout snack and with top-notch, organic ingredients like lemon peel, crystallized ginger, sprouted flax, walnuts, sesame butter and dates, you will feel nourished by the best kind of fuel. For GoMacro was generous enough to offer a 30% reduction for readers interested in trying the fabulous new Thrive bars: type in Thrive30 for 30% off of your Thrive purchase at GoMacro's online store. You can also try them at Whole Foods and other markets throughout the country.

Vegan Street received this product for free to review and this was my honest evaluation.

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