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Vegan Street Reviews the December Petit Vour Beauty Box

Vegan Street Reviews the December Petit Vour Beauty Box
by Marla Rose

So, fa la la la la, the December Petit Vour Beauty Box has arrived. Deck the halls with vegan beauty and personal care products because, yay, this is a box of holiday good cheer when I needed it most. The award-winning Petit Vour boxes feature small, independent companies with a commitment to sustainability practices and clean ingredient lists: I’ve only gotten two boxes so far but each has been a delight.

Here’s how it works: Subscribers will receive four beauty or personal care products, ranging from generous samples to full-sized items, in each pretty pink box. The December box had one item that was makeup, one facial cleanser, one body oil, one hair product. At just $15 U.S., $23 for Canadian subscribers, or $25 elsewhere, you will get a new box each month featuring carefully curated items you wouldn’t find in a regular store; you can subscribe for a year or monthly (or three or six-month plans) and you can also purchase as gifts. The Petit Vour online shop also sells a variety of quality vegan and eco personal care products and cosmetics and, with their generous rewards program subscribers really have an incentive to buy here. 

Here was what I found in my December box and my reviews:

Juice Beauty Phyto Pigments Luminous Lip Crayon

Juice Beauty Phyto-pigments Luminous Lip Crayon in Zuma
Oooooh. I love me some lip products, especially in a rich and vibrant colors, like this pretty cherry red shade. (Eight colors available.) I tend to go for matte lip products and this is different: light, semi-shiny and translucent, this is a more sheer color than I gravitate to usually, but it’s been a nice switch up for me. Perfect for day or night, it combines the best of lip pencils and lipsticks in crayon form and leaves lips pampered with jojoba oil, mango seed butter and organic shea butter. Made without talc, parabens, artificial dyes, this is great stuff! 

Shamanuti Avtivated Charcoal Cleanser

Shamanuti Activated Charcoal Cleanser
Activated charcoal is thought to help neutralize acidity and push out toxins; used in this cleanser, it also gently exfoliates with maple extract. This is especially touted as a helpful cleanser for those with sensitive skin that is prone to break outs (um, hi!) as well as rosacea and eczema and I will say that I saw a noticeable improvement in my skin tone and quality in the week since using it despite the preponderance of sugar-laden treats that have been tempting me to the dark side. I’m loving it. Of everything in the box, this is what I am most likely to re-order.

Aromatherapy Assoc. Bath a\& Shower Gel

Aromatherapy Associates Bath & Shower Oil in Revive Morning

Great stuff! The We Love Eyes product gently but effectively removes eye makeup without a greasy residue or irritating eyes. Only a few drops on a cotton ball is all you need to cleanse each eye. I love that I didn’t feel like an oil slick afterwards.

Oille Hair Serum Voluminizing Intelligence

Oille Hair Serum Voluminizing Intelligence
This time of year, my hair can get really dry so I was excited to try the hair product from Oille. It brought great shine and glossiness without heaviness, and my hair just felt healthier for days afterwards. As someone who grew up using those hot oil treatments from a not very vegan company, it was fun to experience that kind of care for my locks again. While it works wonderfully as a pre-shampoo treatment, it is also great for use on dry hair to remedy fly-aways and frizziness. With rosemary, ylang ylang and passionfruit, it imparts a luscious but subtle scent as well.

I love the Petit Vour Beauty Box itself as well as the concept. A nice treat to look forward to each month, the box isn’t too indulgent from a cost perspective (for example, the Juice Beauty Lip Crayon retails for $22 on its own) and allows you to try a bunch of great, new items without a big financial commitment. The Petit Vour Beauty Box will give you the access to some fantastic cruelty-free, clean and sustainable products that most of the world doesn’t know about yet. I highly recommend the Petite Vour Beauty Box; wonderful as a gift for a friend, a loved one or for your own very deserving self, you won’t be disappointed in it.

Vegan Street received this product for free to review and this was my honest evaluation.

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