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Vegan Street Reviews Petit Vour Beauty Boxes

Vegan Street Reviews the November Petit Vour Beauty Box
by Marla Rose

So, yay, we are now receiving Petit Vour Beauty Boxes for review. For someone like me who loves vegan body care products and cosmetics but hates shopping, Petit Vour is right up my alley. The fact that the award-winning Petit Vour boxes feature small, independent companies with a commitment to sustainability practices and clean ingredient lists makes it all the better.

Here’s how it works: Subscribers will receive four beauty or personal care products, ranging from generous samples to full-sized items, in each pretty pink box that I am sure I will look forward to each month. Having only gotten one box so far, it’s hard for me to know exactly what to expect, but it had two items I’d consider makeup (more on everything below), one skincare item and one cleanser. At just $15 U.S., $23 for Canadian subscribers, or $25 elsewhere, you will get a new box each month featuring carefully curated items you wouldn’t find in a regular store; you can subscribe for a year or monthly (or three or six-month plans) and you can also purchase as gifts. The Petit Vour online shop also sells a variety of quality vegan and eco personal care products and cosmetics and, with their generous rewards program, subscribers really have an incentive to buy here. 

Here was what I found in my November box and my reviews. All but the body scrub was a generous sample; the scrub was full-sized.

Elate Universal Creme

Elate Cosmetics Universal Crème: The shade sent to me was Love, a pretty and subtle soft pink that is kind of bubblegum colored but very light on the skin. A cream rouge, it will leave your skin feeling and looking dewy but will not create a heavy blush look. For those wanting to explore a less-is-more natural day look, Elate may be perfect. Works great on the lips, too, with lemongrass essential oil.

Petit Vour Well People Powder

W3LL People Realist Invisible Setting Powder (sample): This was probably my favorite item in the box and the one I will certainly order again when it runs out. Mineral powder keeps this setting powder light but effective, creating a matte look without all the drying tendencies of pressed powder or the messiness of loose. The translucent powder is so weightless, it blends right in, creating a polished look. Made with arrowroot and aloe, this setting powder will minimize the appearance of pores while allowing your skin to breathe.

Petit Vour We Love Eyes

We Love Eyes Tea Tree Eyelid and Eyelash Makeup Remover Oil: Great stuff! The We Love Eyes product gently but effectively removes eye makeup without a greasy residue or irritating eyes. Only a few drops on a cotton ball is all you need to cleanse each eye. I love that I didn’t feel like an oil slick afterwards.

Petit Vour - Ellovi

Ellovi Body Scrub: Designed as a skin scrub or a bath soak, this new product is thick and dense, available in five scents, and leaves your skin feeling refreshed. Mine came in the Original scent, which I cannot discern much from aside from the mango butter and French clay, so what it lacks in a memorable scent, it makes up for in not being cloying. This is so thick you only need a little bit for exfoliation and, as with the eye makeup remover, leaves no greasy residue.

I love the Petit Vour Beauty Box itself as well as the concept. A nice treat to look forward to each month, the box isn’t too indulgent from a cost perspective and allows you to try a bunch of great, new items without a big commitment. Kind of like your cool vegan big sister letting you in on some of her best kept secrets, the Petit Vour Beauty Box will give you the access to some fantastic cruelty-free, clean and sustainable products that most of the world doesn’t know about yet. I highly recommend the
Petit Vour Beauty Box; wonderful as a gift for a friend, a loved one or for your own very deserving self, you won’t be disappointed in it.

Vegan Street received this product for free to review and this was my honest evaluation.

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