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3 products from Vanity Planet: The Vegan Street Review

Vegan Street Reviews 3 Products from Vanity Planet
by Marla Rose

One of the perks of being a vegan today is there are so many more cruelty-free options than there where when I first started down this path more than 20 years ago. Every day, I hear about more businesses and start-ups with vegan principles and practices at the foundation of their ethos. Not too long ago, I was contacted by Vanity Planet, an online shop that goes the extra mile in sourcing unique, wide-ranging and cruelty-free beauty, grooming, and wellness products, was asked if I’d like to review some items. I refused. Just kidding! Fix a sister up.

First up was the Sole Relief Reflexology Mat (shown above). A cute little mat that fits right under our bathroom sink, I have developed a new habit of standing on this every morning and every night before bed while I am brushing my teeth. The raised bumps hit pressure points in the feet that, according to reflexology principles, correspond to different organs in the body and can improve blood circulation, help us to relax or feel revitalized. I do know that it felt great on my feet and standing on the mat has been a nice little self-care ritual I can do every morning and night. Due to its flexible nature, it would travel well, too, and it is designed to be able to interconnect with other mats to create a larger surface.

Palate Professional Makeup Brush Collection

Next, I got this nifty Palette Professional Makeup Brush Collection, which comes in a non-leather foldable case, which, again, makes it great for travel. The pretty brushes are ultra-soft and Cruelty-Free Certified, made of synthetic materials. Not being much of a makeup person, it kind of overwhelmed me to see all these various brushes at first and not know their use, but of course Vanity Planet has a helpful guide online. I found the brushes to be luxurious, easy to clean (instructions for cleaning also in their downloadable user guide), and gentle on my easily irritated skin. It’s also been fun to watch some makeup tutorials on YouTube and actually have the tools to create a smoky eye or this rather ambitious one from Kat von D ( Highly recommended for ethical glamor-pusses! 

Tare Digital Kitchen Scale

Last, I was sent a Tare Digital Kitchen Scale, a chic and lightweight gadget that does not take up much space, looks great on the counter and functions like a dream. Most of the world measures dry ingredients by weight, such as grams, as opposed to how we measure in the U.S., which is by volume, such as in cups. The Tare scale, which measures in grams, milliliters, fluid ounces, ounces and pounds, makes it easy to convert recipes from around the world in the comfort of your kitchen, and it also cancels out the weight of the container with an easy push of the button. These kitchen scales are also great for those who want to weigh their ingredients for weight management purposes. With an elegant, modern design, this is not a clunky tool you’ll feel compelled to hide in the cabinet.

Definitely check out Vanity Planet for gifts or your own sweet self. I appreciate their commitment to cruelty-free products that are good for all of us.

Vegan Street received this product for free to review and this was my honest evaluation.

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