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Our Review of the December Beauty Box from Vegan Cuts

Our Review of the December Beauty Box from Vegan Cuts
by Marla Rose

I am pretty lucky: I get to be an ambassador for the Vegan Cuts Beauty Box, which means that every month, I receive a fresh new box of fabulous vegan cosmetics and personal care products and I get to spread the word about companies that are committed to compassionate practices. I consider this a pretty obvious win-win.

December was my first Beauty Box from Vegan Cuts and I have to say, I was pretty impressed with the contents therein, which contain much more value than if you were buying these things on their own. This month’s box was co-curated with Leaping Bunny, which is a program that offers certification for cosmetic, personal care and/or household product companies that pledge to avoid animal testing in all stages of product development. Please note that Leaping Bunny only certifies based on a company’s policies on animal testing, not their ingredients, so while something may be Leaping Bunny-certified that it is free of animal testing, it doesn’t mean it’s free of animal products, thus vegan. Got that? All Vegan Cuts boxes, however, will always be vegan and cruelty-free. 

Now, let’s get to the December box! Inside, I found…

Juice Beauty - Green Apple Shampoo and Conditioner

Fresh and light, this shampoo-conditioner team works together to bring shine and revitalization to your locks with the antioxidant power of organic, botanical juices. It’s sulfate-free, too. It will leave your hair as fresh and shiny as a perfect green apple all day.

Andalou Naturals - 1000 Roses Beautiful Day Cream
I love the Andalou brand and have bought it before because it is so gentle with my sensitive skin. This facial moisturizer will keep your skin soothed and soft with aloe vera and rosehips and the pomegranate seed oil, white tea and rooibos extracts help to maintain a fresh tone. It has a beautiful, subtle rose scent, too.

Modish Polish in Control Freak
A new nail polish line to me, Modish Polish comes in many unique shades ranging from bold to subtle that are "5-free,” meaning that the line does not include damaging formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, formaldehyde resin or camphor common in nail polishes. The Control Freak color is right up my alley (imagine that): a sexy and assertive dark red I couldn’t wait to get on my nails. It did not disappoint!

Crazy Rumors lip balm in Plum Apricot
Somehow I had not tried Crazy Rumors until this Beauty Box arrived and I’m going to have to make up for all that lost balm time. With a portion of each sale going to the aforementioned Leaping Bunny Program, Crazy Rumors ethics are solid and the product, coming in a variety of fun, inventive varieties, can’t be beat. The ingredients, from shea butter to jojoba oil and gentle scents, treat your lips with care, and the softly curved shape nestles your sweet kisser. This is the perfect winter treat for your lips.

DeVita Skincare eyeliner pencil in Absolute Obsidian
A soft eye pencil in rich black, this comes with a built-in sharpener and smudging sponge for smoky eyes. You need no pressure to get strong color, it glides on so smoothly and it is perfect for easily irritated eyes as it is paraben-free. With carnauba and candelilla wax, along with jojoba oil, this pencil is divine. Also great for brows!

You want in on this, right? Here’s how the Vegan Cuts Beauty Box works: Subscribers will receive four to seven beauty or personal care products in each monthly box. There are a variety of options: if you pre-pay in a one-time payment for a year (to the U.S.), it is $222.00 for 12 boxes or just $18.50 per box. If you sign up for six months of boxes at $120.00, it is $20.00 for six boxes. If you sign up for monthly billing (in other words, not pre-paid), it is $22.95 per box. The retail price for the individual items in the December Beauty Box added up together would be $46.00, much more than what you’d pay with this fabulous box of carefully curated vegan products. The Beauty Box ships to Canada as well with different prices listed on their website.

The Beauty Box is a great treat as a gift for a dear one or your own fabulous self.

Vegan Street received this product for free to review and this was my honest evaluation.

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