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We review Windy City Cocoa

Product Review: Windy City Cocoa
by Marla Rose

One of the more fabulous perks of running this here website is that I get to review vegan items, from books to personal care products to jerky (yes, jerky is its own category) to sample and write about. (Want me to review your amazing vegan product(s)? Hit me up here.) Anyway, after seeing mention of Windy City Cocoa on the interwebs, my vegan spidey-sense was tingly and indeed, this product is made in Chicago, dairy-free and made with organic cocoa. Ding-ding-ding, win-win-win! I reached out to the company and the owner, Kim Lutz, sent me some packets right away to sample.

First things first: Windy City Cocoa comes in individual packets and is a complete hot chocolate in itself; all one needs to do is add six-ounces of hot water. No milk is required. Made with organic cane sugar, gluten-free whole oats, organic cocoa, vanilla powder and salt, Windy City Cocoa was developed to be free of allergens as Ms. Lutz has a son with multiple food allergies and wanted to create something that everyone could enjoy.

The cocoa is very rich and thick with some real chocolate depth; I’d say that it is closer in taste to a fine drinking chocolate than a cocoa, if your frame of reference is those meek Swiss Miss packets of old. Windy City Cocoa hot chocolate is a delicious and opulent indulgence but certainly not too sophisticated for my 13-year-old son to enjoy. He loved it – he noticed the taste from the oats on his own but that did not detract from his enjoyment at all – and he also liked the easy single-serve cake recipe they have posted on their website. My husband and I both loved the hot chocolate as well and I appreciate that not only is it vegan, it is produced without slavery cocoa.

Two above photos from the cake recipe posted on Windy City Cocoa's website

For now, people can order Windy City Cocoa packets from their website as they work to expand distribution in the new year. I highly recommend Windy City Cocoa as a treat that everyone can enjoy. Check them out on Facebook as well and let’s show this new ethical company a little love.

Vegan Street received this product for free to review and this was my honest evaluation.

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