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Trollkrem (Troll Creme)

Trollkrem (Troll Creme)

So last week we celebrated our first annual Troll Week. Some might (cough*did*cough) call it counter-productive, mean-spirited, hypocritical or just confusing to turn the tables on the trolls we deal with on an hourly basis with Vegan Street by simply spotlighting the most impressive Gold Star Troll comment of the day with a little recognition in the form of a Troll of the Day announcement. Well, we had fun and so did a lot of other people. In trying to figure out a recipe of the week, we wanted to go with the troll theme again and John thought of Troll House Cookies and I immediately put that under the column of “Not happening”: I was/am too busy to develop a new cookie recipe, especially when I love these so much. In researching the topic of troll-themed recipes – a fairly scant category, all things told – I happened upon Trollkrem, literally Troll Cream, a Norwegian mousse-like dessert that somehow is supposed to evoke trolls. I have no idea. I do know that this is the sweetest, most awesome thing trolls could have ever inspired. I used handy-dandy aquafaba in the place of egg whites and deliciousness ensued! As with the traditional recipe, this is something you want to eat right away because, like real-life trolls, the foamy little bubbles can only support themselves for so long before collapsing. Enjoy as a mousse, spooned on a cookie or biscuit and as a reminder that we can create fabulous things even out of something as unappetizing as a troll.

Trollkrem (Troll Cream)

6 tablespoons aquafaba
(I used chickpea water)
teaspoon cream of tartar
cup organic sugar
6 tablespoons lingonberry or your favorite jam
(lingonberry is traditional)
teaspoon pure vanilla extract

In a mixer, add your aquafaba and cream of tartar and beat on high for two minutes using the whisk attachment. One tablespoon at a time over about five minutes, add the sugar and jam until fully incorporated as well as the vanilla, beating on high. When all the ingredients are added, beat for another minute or two until you have a big bowl of fluff. Enjoy!

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