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10 Kick-Ass Vegan Picnics

10 Kick-Ass Vegan Picnics

Sometimes we need to take the party out of our homes to show the world what gorgeous vegan food looks like al fresco. Do you want to be thought of as a timid carrot nibbler? Hell, no! With no shortage of amazing recipe ideas online, why not go the extra mile and construct a menu around your favorite theme? There is no time like the present (I mean, if you happen to be reading this when and where it’s warm out) to gather your accouterments – for example, a blanket, cruelty-free sunblock and insect repellent, a sporty implement or two, reusable plates, cups and cutlery, cloth napkins, a cooler and your best, Yogi Bear-approved pic-a-nic basket – and bring your best vegan game to the great outdoors. From chic to silly, elegant to unpretentious, we’ve got some themes and menu ideas that should inspire creativity and lots of fun.

The Italian-style Picnic

Olive tapenade with crusty bread,
Panzanella salad
Orzo salad,
Muffuletta sandwiches,
Almond biscotti

The BBQ-style Picnic
BBQ roasted chickpeas,
Creamy potato salad
BBQ jackfruit sandwiches with avocado slaw,
Fruit skewers
Fresh limeade

The Mexican-style Picnic
Corn and black bean salad,
7-layer dip and tortilla chips,
Mushroom and spinach tortas,
Tres leches cake

The Middle Eastern-style Picnic
Baba ganoush and toasted pita,
Israeli couscous salad
Quinoa Tabbouleh
Tofu shawarma with spicy tahini sauce

The Hawaiian-style Picnic
Teriyaki chickpeas
Lau lau
Hawaiian poke
Vegan Spam
Pineapple almond upside-down bars

The Southern-style Picnic
Chili-lime corn cobs
Macaroni salad
Southern fried tofu
Sweet tea

The Afternoon Tea-style Picnic
Cucumber tea sandwiches
Watercress tea sandwiches,
Egg salad sandwiches
Raspberry scones
Sun tea

The 1970s-style Picnic
Pigs in a blanket
Smoked paprika and cheddar cheese ball and crackers

Spinach and artichoke dip and bread
Asian chick’n salad
Watergate salad

The Raw Foods-style Picnic
Dill cream cheese with flax crackers
Waldorf salad
Living Caesar salad
Mock tuna salad
Blueberry pie

The Healthy Kids-style Picnic
Hummus and veggies,
Cucumber avocado rolls
Veggie burgers
Carved watermelon
Root beer float cupcakes

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