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An open letter to the animal agribusiness industry about words.

An Open Letter to the Animal Agribusiness Industry About Words

If milk is no longer a usable term unless it was released from an udder, as per the dairy industry’s stipulation, what do we call the grated pulp of a mature coconut? How about magnesium hydroxide, better known as milk of magnesia? Whither thou goest, Cream of Wheat?

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10 Questions for The Sppoky Vegan Sarah Jahier

10 Questions for The Spooky Vegan Sarah Jahier

Growing up, I thought Morticia Addams was the epitome of grace, glamour and elegance.  Was there ever a more aspirational family than that of Ms. Addams? After all these years, I have not lost my enthusiasm for all things black, batty and maybe a little cobwebby and it’s a delight to have someone like Sarah Jahier, better known to her many fans as The Spooky Vegan, as a bewitching online resource for all things vegan, fabulous and just a little spooky. The Spooky Vegan, of course, lives for Halloween but she keeps the party going year-round with her enthusiasm for showing the public we can celebrate spookiness without compromising our compassionate values.

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10 Questions for YouTube Chefs Coco and Lalal

10 Questions, Vegan Foodie Edition, for Cooking Show Hosts Coco and Lala

Coco Laud and YaLonda “Lala” Lolar Johnson are two hilarious friends from the Twin Cities who have known each other for 20 years but just started their fabulous cooking show, Keeping Up with Coco and Lala, in August of 2017. This is no boring cooking show, either: the time flies by as Coco and Lala keep us entertained with their warm, funny banter and obvious affection for each other. I love checking in with Coco and Lala, where a new live video streams from their Facebook page every Thursday at 1:30 CT.

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