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10 Questions, Foodie Edition, for Plant-Powered Kitchen's Dreena Burton
Marla asks 10 questions
to Plant-Powered Kitchen's
Dreena Burton

I have not had the pleasure of meeting Dreena Burton of Plant-Powered Kitchen in person yet but when I do, I think I am going to wrap myself around one of her legs and not let go until she feeds me hummus. This woman is really, really into hummus and I think it may be the protein-packed secret behind her healthy glow and her productivity. Read the whole story

Truly Thankful

Truly Thankful
I could wake up every workday with dread and resentment. I could be bored out of my damn mind. I could not feel a sense of purpose. I could actively hate my job. I know many people who clock in and dedicate their off-hours time to their pursuing what brings them a sense of meaning and purpose. I’ve been able to construct my life so I can do what I love full-time. It’s not something most people are able to do so there is that gratitude there, to have found what I love to do and to be able to dedicate my life to something that is so profoundly necessary.  Read the whole story

10 Questions for Julieanna Hever

Marla asks 10 questions
to the Plant-Based Dietician
Julieanna Hever

Julieanna Hever has found a way to deftly move between worlds: her background in nutrition, health and science, her passion for animals and the earth, and her skill at conveying her message of wellness and kindness without dumbing it down and without condescension. In short, Julieanna Hever is fabulous and you should know about her. Read the whole story

10 Questions of Direct Action Everywhere Founder Wayne Hsiung

Marla asks 10 questions

to the founder of Direct Action Everywhere, Wayne Hsiung

Always articulate and cerebral but with rare qualities of approachability and warmth infusing everything, Wayne has a lot of complementary skills that are not seen together too often in one person. Perhaps this is why he is so magnetic and uniquely talented. It is no surprise that his rare combination of skills and attributes make Wayne someone who would go on to big things.
Read the whole story

Ten Types of People Who Will Try to Undermine Your

Ten Types of People Who Will Try to Undermine Your Veganism: An Identification Key
Anyone who has been vegan for about two weeks or longer has probably met each of the individuals I will sketch out below, people determined to dismiss, undercut or actively undermine the veganism of others. As annoying as it is, knowledge is power. Read the whole story

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