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Five Simple Questions to Determine What Kind of Defenseive Omnivore You Are.
Five Simple Questions to Determine What Kind of Defensive Omnivore You Are.

There are many excuses for eating animals but over these past nearly 25 years, I have observed some archetypes and recurring themes of the most stubbornly resistant. Take this quiz to find out what kind of defensive omnivore you are or you are dealing with.

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Our Vegan Foodie Interview with Copper Branch's Rio Infantino

Our Vegan Foodie Interview with the CEO of Copper Branch, Rio Infantino

Rio Infantino is the CEO of Montreal-based fast-casual Copper Branch, the world’s largest 100% plant-based restaurant chain that is opening its 50th location this year by Earth Day (April 22) in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of Manhattan. Rio’s goal is to have 200 Copper Branch locations opened by 2020, focusing on the U.S. and Western Europe, where everyone can enjoy their organic power bowls, burgers and sandwiches that are all 100% plant-based.

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Our Vegan Rockstar Interview with World Animal Protection's Ben Williamson

Our Vegan Rockstar Interview with World Animal Protection's Ben Williamson.

Today, we are happy to feature Ben Williamson, U.S. Programs Director for World Animal Protection US. World Animal Protection, formerly World Society for the Protection of Animals, is a global animal protection organization that works at grassroots and policy levels to create a more compassionate world. From efforts to protect animals locally to global initiatives, World Animal Protection is dedicated to creating a world with less needless violence and suffering.

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