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The Turn of a Phase: How Middle Aged (and Older) People are Redefining Aging and Activism
The Turn of a Phase: How Middle Aged (and Older) People are Redefining Aging and Activism.

All my life, people have told me I’d grow out of caring when I understood “the real world” better, that my passion for activism was well-intentioned but na´ve or, more harshly, an obvious ploy for attention. If anything, though, the more I live in the so-called real world, the more my convictions about social justice deepen and become more integrated, as well as skew ever leftward.

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Five Tips from a Jew On Surviving Christmas When You're Not Feeling It.

Thanksgiving: Five Tips From a Jew On Surviving Christmas When You’re Not Feeling It.

As a child on the outside looking in, I clearly idealized the Christmas experience but as an adult, I now know that visions of sugarplums aren’t necessarily dancing in all the goyim heads this time of year. There are family fissures and tensions that come up during the season; there are lots of people who feel pressured to spend more money than they’d like to or even than they have. There are also people who just feel guilty for not embodying the ho-ho-ho Christmas spirit better and others who struggle with deepened feelings of loss, pain, depression and loneliness this time of year. 

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Thanksgiving: a short personal history

Thanksgiving: A Short Personal History.

I was 15 and a new vegetarian. Veganism wouldn’t enter my awareness until for more than ten years and “Meat is Murder” hadn’t even been released yet. Damn it! It was kind of lonely then.

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