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10 Questions for Justin Van Kleeck
10 Questions: Vegan Rockstar Edition for microsanctuary pioneer Justin Van Kleeck
Justin Van Kleeck is an activist, animal caregiver and co-founder of the inspiring Triangle Chance for All microsanctuary along with his partner, Rosemary. As a pioneer of the microsanctuary movement, Justin is helping the average person who wants to start rescuing animals understand that it doesn’t need to take many acres and a big bank account.
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!0 Questions for activist James DeAlto

10 Questions: Vegan Rockstar Edition for activist James DeAlto
James DeAlto of the Vegan Chalk Challenge has not only brainstormed a new (and yet not-so-new) way of getting the word out about compassionate living but also built a real momentum behind it, empowering people to create their own colorful and effective messages right where they live. I am a big believer in the importance of community when it comes to our well-being and longevity as advocates for the animals and the VCC fills this human need powerfully. I also love the simplicity and accessibility of the VCC, how it really enables people their own spin on messaging in colorful, bold and smart ways.
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10 Questions for singer-songwriter Annette Conlon

10 Questions: Vegan Rockstar Edition for singer-songwriter Annette Conlon
Annette Conlon is an award-winning LA-based singer-songwriter, dedicated animal rescuer, compassionate fashion plate and over-all wonderful soul. Annette is embarking on her highly anticipated Compassionette Tour very soon, hitting TN, AL, NC and IL to touch down at Chicago VeganMania, playing a set at our Culture Café (curated by my dear friend -- and sister vegan Rock Star -- Robinlee Garber) and that evening at the Heartland Café-Red Line Tap, which will be offering a special vegan menu along with great live music for CVM revelers who don't want the day to end.
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10 Questions for Amy Taylor

10 Questions: Vegan Rockstar Edition for registered dietitian Amy Taylor
Social media has helped to bring some new perspectives and great people into my life that I might not have been exposed to otherwise. Amy Taylor is one such person and she came into my life when I was seeking thoughts about the practice of fat-shaming. A vegan RD based in Portland, ME, Amy specializes in working with people on binge and compulsive eating issues, helping those she works with adopt an intuitive eating model. I love her compassionate and thoughtful approach, which is also grounded in common sense and reason.
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On Fat Shaming in the VeganMovement

On Fat Shaming in the Vegan Movement
As I often do when I am looking for a variety of thoughts on a topic, I posted a question about body image on my Facebook page, seeking perspectives on the topic of fat-shaming: Is it justifiable? Is it effective? Although I know this is a sensitive and provocative topic, I was still unprepared for the outpouring of very heartfelt and gut-wrenching responses to my general query.  Read On:

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