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10 Questions for Jackie Day
10 Questions: Vegan Rockstar Edition for educator, advocate & author Jackie Day
I could not even come close to describing the impressive (to say the least) accomplishments of Jackie Day of the popular blog, My Vegan Journal. Jackie is a long-time vegan, an award-winning educator, a children’s health advocate, a health policy innovator, an animal activist and more. A true grassroots organizer, Jackie doesn’t just maintain an online presence: she is out on the streets, creating positive change in her community and around the world.
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Post-Election Advice on Surviving this Year’s Thanksgiving from a Vegan

Post-Election Advice on Surviving this Year’s Thanksgiving from a Vegan
I can see that you’re struggling. I know that this year has been a little rough with the election and everything so we’re all a little banged up and now we’ve got Thanksgiving to deal with as if the last couple of months hadn’t been enough of a kick in the pants. Now you’ll be sitting next to the same cousin who posted angry, embarrassing screeds on your Facebook page, the same brother who felt emboldened to forward you absolutely nutter messages from the NRA, the same aunt who goes out her way to tell you, apropos of nothing, that she is praying for you. On November 24, you and all of them will be smooshed together in the same claustrophobic room. 

On the bright side, if there’s anyone who is adept or at least experienced at powering through a hostile, unpleasant environment at Thanksgiving, it’s a vegan. See, we’re good for something other than making you feel guilty and/or resentful all the time.

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10 Questions for author Robin Raven
10 Questions: Vegan Rockstar Edition for author Sandy Raven
Robin Raven to the rescue! With her new children’s book, Santa’s First Vegan Christmas by Vegan Publishers, Robin begins her tale from that familiar place of accepted exploitation and oppression and turns the old story on its head. With Dana, the confident and assertive reindeer who refuses to be used or allow other reindeer to be exploited for Santa’s annual Christmas Eve ride, the animals have a wise and thoughtful voice.
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One Child, Two Dates: September 11, 2011 and November 8, 2016

One Child, Two Dates: September 11, 2011 and November 8, 2016
When my son was born – raging and radiant with a sputtering, feisty spirit after a long labor with unforeseen challenges – we had a name picked out but we had decided that if he didn’t fit the name, we would just put it off until we got to know him better. Thankfully, it did fit the baby who hung on for 52-hours and came out of my last minute c-section kicking ass and taking down names: Justice.
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52 Words for Tofu

52 Words for Tofu
The Eskimos had 52 names for snow because it was important to them. I think we need as many words for tofu as it is as important in the life of many vegans as snow and ice to polar inhabitants.
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