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Ten Ways That Vegans Are Mysterious and Magical AF.
Ten Ways That Vegans Are Mysterious and Magical AF

or many vegans, aligning with the spooky season is not just a passing thing.
I’d even go so far as to say that vegans are bewitchingly in affinity with October 31 year-round because we are mysterious and magical AF. Don’t believe me? Here are ten ways that vegans express our inner-sorcerers 365 days a year, not just when pumpkin spice is in the air.

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Six kinds of vegan witches to know

Six kinds of vegan witches to know.

Here's our latest essay on Medium: Six Kinds of Vegan Witches to Know. Just in time for Halloween.  Which one are you? Or are you a combination?

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10-Question Interview with Stephanie Gray Winnard

Our Latest Vegan Street Interview with Everyday Changemaker Stephanie Gray Winnard

I love Stephanie Grey Winnard’s friendly, warm and encouraging style of vegan outreach. Given her communication skills, it’s not a surprise that Stephanie is a teacher, teaching psychology at Pierce Community College in Woodland Hills, CA, where she also serves as the Faculty Advisor for the Pierce College Vegan Society. You can also find Stephanie teaching yoga at Param Yoga Healing Arts Center in Chatsworth, CA. Thanks for changing the world, Stephanie!

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Where Sexual Assault Is the Norm

Where Sexual Assault Is the Norm

It is upsetting and infuriating to know that an innocent animal was sexually assaulted, perhaps more than once. If we are bothered by that — and we should be — it is worth pointing out that the sexual assault of animals by the people who hold their fate happens on a mass scale every day. In fact, consumers’ dollars pay for it to happen. It is just as brutal and senseless; it is also fully premeditated. Whole industries exist for aiding and abetting this sexual violence. The only differences? Species and culture make one seem cruel and wrong and the other, well, perfectly normal if it is noticed at all.

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