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The Vegan Gift Guide
The Vegan Gift Guide:
a special guest post from Emily Wood of Vegan Pregnancy and Parenting

Each year as the holidays roll around, vegans are faced with a set of challenges of navigating how to get through the family events without someone asking about your protein intake, and how to avoid the Christmas ham without offending Aunt Jane. While grandma is telling you that you need dairy for your bones and your cousin Joseph has been rambling about being paleo, the clear winner for sheer difficulty during the holidays always seems to be finding the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Especially for your vegan friends.

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The Final Word On Health

The Final Word On Health

With the rise of smartphones and the newly formed habit of humanity documenting our lives via pictures posted on social media platforms, our species had figured out yet another novel way to aggravate and torment one another: judging and shaming strangers from a distance. No subject is off limits but very often it’s about the health, body size, food choices and morality we can assume about one another based on those posted pictures.

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Vegan Holidays for Everyone On Sale Now!

On Sale Now! Our Vegan Recipe and Entertaining Guide for the Holidays.

Our new e-book, Fun, Festive and Fabulous Vegan Holidays for Everyone: Recipes, Puns, Historic Lore and More to Help You Celebrate Without Compromise, offers more than 70 vegan recipes that are robust with flavor and will get you in the mood for celebrating all year-round. It also explains how to host a vegan party in your home without alienating your friends and extended family, and how to break with custom without losing your mental health. The fact is, despite the phenomenal growth of veganism, there are still challenges for people who are ahead of the curve. Vegan Holidays for Everyone to the rescue!

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Fun, Festive & Fabulous Vegan Holidays for EveryoneFun, Festive & Fabulous Vegan Holidays for Everyone

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