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How the Placate a Malignant Narcissist
How to Placate a Malignant Narcissist in Seven Torturous Steps

Is being stuck in a stalemate with a malignant narcissist getting you down? Does this person treat you like garbage or, say, want build a very expensive wall as a not-too-subtle metaphor for his genitalia and have others pay for it? Ugh, just the worst. Well, I do have some advice for you with the caveat that you only want to do the following if you want the malignant narcissist (MN for short — sorry, Minnesota!) to win. I’m not sure why you’d want to do that but here’s what you’ll need to do.

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Vegan Street Predictions for 2019

Vegan Street's Predictions for 2019

Following the vegan news and trends like we do every week with Vegan Street, you start to get a sense of where things are going. With that in mind, we thought we’d share ten of our prognostications for 2019. We predict a wild year ahead!

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The Tenth Annual Disgruntled Vegan Alphabet

The Tenth Annual Disgruntled Vegan Alphabet - Best of Edition.
Huzzah! It’s the 10th year of my Annual Disgruntled Vegan Alphabet series so I thought I’d bring you something both novel and lazy (who’d a thunk I could pull both of those off at once?): My favorite grievances from lo these past nine years along with a treasured runner-up. It’s the Annual Disgruntled Vegan Alphabet awards in a way! But without any ceremony, lots of bitter cackling and old resentments reignited. What’s not to love?

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