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We interview Vegan Foodie Stanley Chase III of The Louisville Vegan Jerky Company
We interview Stanley Chase III of the Louisville Vegan Jerky Company

Louisville Vegan Jerky Company founder Stanley Chase III is as committed to a more compassionate world as he is developing savory, satisfying vegan foods for every palate that can easily replace the slaughtered stuff. It is a delight to see his company doing so while sticking to their morals.

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21 Dead Giveaways that You're an Old-School Vegan.
21 Dead Giveaways That You're an Old-School Vegan.

To be a true Old School Vegan, you will have needed to start on this adventure when things were not so hospitable for us, a time when you couldn’t just waltz into any coffee shop and find a soy milk option, let alone seven million others. In short, we have earned our stripes. We’re determined and we’re a little weird. We’re also not afraid to break out a nutrition bar if we’re hungry at a wedding.

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10 Questions for Musician, Activist and Everyday Vegan Changemaker Michael Harren.

10 Questions for Musician, Activist and Everyday Vegan Changemaker Michael Harren

Composer, musician, performer and activist Michael Harren is such a talented and powerful voice for the animals, reminding us that living more compassionately is always within reach. His music — hypnotic and evocative but invigorating and always thought-provoking — is available on all music streaming platforms, but I especially recommend checking out his The Animal Album, and was produced with the multi-media performance piece he created, inspired by his time as artist-in-residence at Tamerlaine Farm Animal Sanctuary.

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