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Veganism Is Not a Diet, and Other Things I Shouldn't Have to Explain to Whole Foods Market
Veganism Is Not a Diet, and Other Things I Shouldn't Have to Explain to Whole Foods Market

It seems like the point of one of your ads is that veganism is just another diet among others and that your shoppers are shape-shifters who move from vegan to paleo to whatever just because the whim strikes them, like Tarzan swinging from whatever vine is most conveniently within grasp. What your marketing team doesn’t seem to realize is that veganism is actually a deeply-held moral position, not a dietary fad to pick up and drop like a seasonal fashion trend.

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10 Questions for Vegan Drag Queen Honey LaBronx

Our Vegan Rockstar Interview with Vegan Drag Queen Honey LaBronx.

I first heard about Honey LaBronx when I started seeing press releases and announcements everywhere about the first vegan drag queen cooking show (known, straightforwardly, as The Vegan Drag Queen Cooking Show) and I have been a fan-girl ever since. Honey — and her alter-ego Ben Strothmann — have been raising money and awareness about building a more just and compassionate world through the super fun drag shows Honey performs around the world. With dedication, hustle and more than a little cheeky good humor, Honey has raised many thousands for non-profit organizations and she aims to keep raising more.

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A second chance at love: how I filled a dog-shaped hole in my heart

A Second Chance at Love: How I Filled the Dog-Shaped Hole in My Heart

With Valentine’s Day approaching, I am thinking about love, and how just like with romantic love, there are other kinds of love that will always be the first time you feel it and full of the intoxicating nuances that leaving you feeling a little tipsy. My first head-over-heels romantic love? Dirk; not uncoincidentally, rhymes with jerk. Didn’t end well but thankfully it did end. First best friend love? Suzy Lane will always have that honor in my life and we’re still friends today. The first time I felt genuine love for another species? For me, this will always be Lenny.

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