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10 Questions for VeganPublishers co-founder Casey taft
10 Questions: Vegan Rockstar Edition for author and Vegan Publishers co-founder Casey Taft
Co-founder of Vegan Publishers and professor of Psychiatry at Boston University School of Medicine, Dr. Casey Taft is an internationally recognized expert in the area of violence and trauma, particularly in the areas of domestic violence and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder among military populations. With his academic and professional background, Dr. Taft is uniquely suited to help society at large connect the dots between eating animals and continuing cycles of violence as well as helping the vegan community develop more effective approaches for our outreach.
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Talking Trolls with Dr. Casey Taft

Talking Trolls with Dr. Casey Taft
 We're celebrating Troll Week at Vegan Street with an interview with Dr. Casey Taft, Professor of Psychiatry at Boston University School of Medicine, co-founder of Vegan Publishers and author of the widely acclaimed Motivational Methods for Vegan Advocacy: A Clinical Psychology Perspective. As an internationally recognized expert in the study of trauma, Dr. Taft understands the importance of acknowledging and ending our violence towards other animals as a way to build a more compassionate world.   Read On:

An Open Letter to Tyson Ho, Offended Pitmaster

An open letter to Tyson Ho, offended pitmaster...
Dear Mr. Ho,
I promise I will be mature. I promise I will not refer to you as an (arm)pitmaster as I did on my Facebook post as I have cooled off a bit and as I have nothing really against armpits per se as they serve an important and useful function in the world.  
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10 Questions for YouTube Personalities Lacie & Robin

10 Questions: Vegan Rockstar Edition for YouTube Personalities Lacie & Robin
Lacie and Robin are a couple who have been together for 20 years and have gone vegan together in more recent years. They are both from comedy backgrounds and this is evident in the wonderful rapport they have together and use to tackle all kinds of subjects on their YouTube channel, plus vegan videos, too! Their affectionate, warm chemistry, candor, maturity and refreshing lack of clickbait-y behavior made me so happy, especially given the often-toxic vegan representation on YouTube.
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17 Examples of Why Vegans Are Poised to Rule the World

17 Examples of Why Vegans Are Poised to Rule the World
 Vegans can make people feel guilty without a word or even a glance. Let me repeat that: we can make omnivores feel guilty simply by existing. Who else besides your mother could make the same claim? I’m not sure exactly how this gift will be used to affirm our eventual ruling status, but, hey, it’s something for our toolbox just in case.  
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The Best Vegans Aren't Vegan and Other Absurdities...

The Best Vegans Aren't Vegan and Other Absurdities...
 In recent months, I’ve even seen some make the wholly Orwellian claim that by eating animal products on occasion, we are actually helping the animals overall by appearing to be less extreme, more approachable, just generally nicer. It seems that by eating animal products on advantageous occasions, we can help to assure their eventual liberation, or at least the liberation of their future generations. This line of reasoning only works, though, if you have bought into the false dichotomy that it is more beneficial to be helpful and pragmatic than to be judgmental and dogmatic. 
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10-Questions for the proprietor of Fast Easy Vegan,  Jocelyn Graef

10 Questions: Vegan Foodie Edition for Fast Easy Vegan Proprietor Jocelyn Graef
Jocelyn Graef is the down-to-earth powerhouse behind the highly accessible Fast Easy Vegan meal plan and service. For just $1.99 a week, FEV sends subscribers different weekly dinner recipes that can be prepared in 30 minutes or less and emphasize the most nutrient-dense ingredients without sacrificing taste, convenience or enjoyment. Best, subscribers will learn lifelong skills and techniques for preparing healthy vegan foods with ease and an eye toward thriftiness.
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Dear oppressed, hectored meat eaters...

Dear Oppressed, Hectored Meat Eaters...
I understand that you feel like an oppressed minority with this new breed of uppity vegans cropping up all over the place. God, it must feel like there are more of us every day. We used to be so docile, too. We used to be quiet about being vegan. Not anymore, though. It’s like you took two minutes to heat up a steak burrito in the microwave and in that time, the vegans did a land grab. Now we’re in your office, in your classroom, maybe even in your own home. 
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10 Questions for scientist & author Jonathan Balcombe

10 Questions: Vegan Rockstar Edition for Scientist and Author Jonathan Balcombe
Jonathan Balcombe is a science-minded doctor with a big heart for other animals. As an accomplished author of four books that explore different aspects of animal behavior, sentience and the ethical implications of what it means to use those with rich interior lives for our purposes, Jonathan’s research causes us to stop and think about these beings we so often bulldoze over without a second thought. With his latest book, What A Fish Knows: The Inner Lives of our Underwater Cousins, Jonathan turns his attention to those most misunderstood and disregarded beings, the more than 30,000 species of fishes who swim in our rivers and lakes, ponds and oceans.
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An open letter to my son at age 14

An Open Letter to My Son at Age 14
Fourteen years after your birth, when you arrived naked at your first protest as a red-faced, fist-clenched objector to the Birthing Industrial Complex, I have not gotten out of the habit of looking in on you as you sleep at night. Sometimes you still remind me of that toddler who slept beside me, with the same dark, thick eyelashes, the same soft cheeks, the same sighs in your sleep. You are clearly not a little boy anymore, though. 
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10 Questions, Vegan Rockstar Edition for Vegan Outreach's Lisa Rimmert

10 Questions: Vegan Rockstar Edition for Vegan Outreach's Director or Development Lisa Rimmert
I met Lisa online a few years ago when she asked to interview me for her fabulous blog and I walked away wishing that all questions would be like Lisa Rimmert questions. Since then, Lisa and I have crossed paths in person and she is as fun, down-to-earth and hilarious as I’d expected she’d be and she is now Director of Development at Vegan Outreach
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The Trouble with Storytelling
The Trouble with Storytelling
We are a species that resonates with storytelling. The blessing and the curse of being a human is that we love our stories. It is a blessing because storytelling is such a transformative act, a chance to leave our own experience, to gain wisdom and insight, to travel to places we’ve never been, to plug into a universal connection. It is a curse because along with our predisposition toward storytelling, and maybe because of it, we also have a tendency toward self-deception and avoiding the truth that is right in front of us. Read On:

10 Questions for food justice activist Breanda Sanders
10 Questions: Vegan Rockstar Edition for food justice activist and organizer Brenda Sanders
As a committed social justice activist based in Baltimore City, Brenda is a longtime vegan and uses her time to tirelessly chip away at disconnection by thoughtfully linking her outreach and advocacy efforts to other social justice causes, such as anti-racist and feminist movements. As co-creator of the annual VeganSoulFest, she is exposing the public to vegan speakers, chefs, businesses and organizations.
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Let me tell you why I am so 'vegan, vegan, vegan' all the time.

Let me tell you why I am so 'vegan, vegan, vegan' all the time
As sensitive people know, empathy is both a blessing and a curse: it’s a blessing to be able to live in alignment with our values but a curse to be rendered so raw and exposed because of it.  Read On:

10 Emotional States That Are a Distinctly Vegan Experience

10 Emotional States That Are a Distinctly Vegan Experience: A Pictorial Guide
Because our love for nutritional yeast and high-speed blenders is not the only things that sets us apart from society, here are ten emotional states that are distinctly vegan.  Read On:

Vegan Death Threats in the Age of Truthiness

Vegan Death Threats in the Age of Truthiness
On platforms as diverse as TIME to the Hollywood Reporter, The Raw Story to Jezebel, we are told that, oh, those hypocritical vegans have really revealed their seamy, violent underbelly now with their scary death threats. The headlines shriek about the putative death threats from alleged vegans but despite this very accusatory and charged headline, as I’ve read the actual copy of the stories, I have not come across a single example of a death threat.  Read On:

10 Questions for Singer-Songwriter Robinlee Garber

10 Questions: Vegan RockFolkstar Edition singer-songwriter Robinlee Garber
Can folk stars also be rock stars? Well, in the case of rising vegan folk singer-songwriter, Robinlee Garber, I would have to say, yes, yes, they can be. Robinlee has been busy making a name for herself in the Chicago folk music scene and now the national stage with the release of her first solo album, Resilience
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About Our L'il Communications Company

About Our L'il Communications Company: Why Communication Matters...
So there is something kind of cool happening that has already been announced on our social media but I wanted to share here, too. John and I are launching our newest collaboration, Vegan Street Media, which is modeled on our work with but with the focus on helping vegan businesses, services, product lines and non-profits develop effective, memorable and innovative written and visual communications in our increasingly crowded online and consumer landscape.   Read On:

10 Questions for the Creator of the Illuminati Ball, Cynthia von Buhlow

10 Questions: Rockstar Edition with the creator of The Illuminati Ball, Cynthia von Buhlow
This week’s Vegan Rock Star is animal rescuer, multimedia artist, playwright, director and surrealism-enthusiast Cynthia von Buhler, a creative force of nature who builds immersive theatrical productions, most recently The Illuminati Ball, an homage and reinterpretation of a legendary surrealist dinner party from 1972. When not developing vegan surrealist immersive theatrical events, Cynthia is a children’s book author, visual artist, performer, and creator of some very cool cat things.
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The Art of Listening (or your allies are more important than your ego)

10 Questions: Foodie Edition with author and blogger at Bake & Destroy Natalie Slater

Uninvited Vegan Nutrition Critics: You Need to Stop.

10 Questions: Rockstar Edition with children's and cookbook author and illustrator Ruby Roth

10 Questions: Rockstar Edition with columnist, author and recipe creator Ellen Kanner

What I Learned About the Free Speech Narrative at Donald Trump’s Rally in Chicago

In Search of Lost Loopholes

10 Questions: Rockstar Edition with Piebird Animal Sanctuary and Farmstay's Sherry Milford  o'Piebird and Jan Piebird

10 Diametrically Oppositional Arguments Against Veganism that Make My Head Explode

10 Questions: Foodie Edition with Stanford Inn by the Sea co-owner Jeff Stanford

Vegan Food Owes You Nothing.

10 Questions: Vegan Rockstar Edition with Our Hen House podcatser and author Jasmin Singer

10 Questions: Vegan Rockstar Edition with activist and Plant Peace Daily Co-founder Rae Sikora

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