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Knocking a leg from the meat industry tripod.
Knock a leg from the meat industry's tripod
Often when I think about the industrial agribusiness complex we are standing up against, it feels like an enormous wall looming over me, so immense that it can block out virtually all the light. If I reimagine animal agribusiness as a tripod, though, rather than an unscalable wall, and I use this framing to inform my efforts, suddenly I have something to work with rather than struggle against.   Read on

10 Questions: Vegan Foodie Edition for PhD and Cookbook Author Ricki Heller

10 Questions: Vegan Foodie Edition for PhD and Cookbook Author Ricki Heller
Ricki Heller, is a registered holistic nutritionist, and author of Living Candida-Free: Conquer the Hidden Epidemic that’s Making You Sick. Her personal experience with identifying and healing from CRC has made her something of a candida guru over the years. For helping people who suffer from CRC find a real path to wellness without harming animals, Ricki Heller is a true vegan foodie and a rockstar.  Read on

Against Non-Human Animals: How Language Shapes Our Worldview
Against Non-Human Animals: How Language Shapes Our Worlview
"I believe that when we say “non-human animals,” we are unintentionally reinforcing the same human-as-center-of-the-world conceit that underpins the mindset that allows for the domination of other animal species."  Read on

10 Questions for the Vegan RD, Ginny Messina

20 Years Vegan: How to Age Without Regret

10 Questions: Vegan Rockstar Edition with Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

How to go vegan without really trying

10 Questions for Bite Size Vegan founder Emily Moran Barwick

Introducing Do Good & Be Seen in 2015

10 Questions for journalist and author Mark Hawthrone

The Disgruntled Alphabet 2014

10 Questions for vegan mom and TV star Mayim Bialik

Of Geese and Our Endless Pursuit of Formation

Marla asks 10 questions
to Plant-Powered Kitchen's
Dreena Burton

Truly Thankful

Marla asks 10 questions
to the Plant-Based Dietician
Julieanna Hever

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Today's Daily Do GoodTip: Adopt a new vegan.
One of the greatest ways to show off the vegan lifestyle is to show people how beautiful and appetizing our food can be, and thanks to smartphones, most of us are carrying around pretty decent cameras with us all the time. Did you make a particularly awesome dinner this evening? Want to show off a dish at your favorite vegan restaurant? Take a photo and share it on Instagram for the whole world to see!
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