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Vegan Street Reviews Products from Lightlife.Vegan Street Reviews Products from Lightlife
Lightlife products, particularly their iconic Smart Dogs, have helped me to be able to participate in many a BBQ, campfire meal, block party and more without compromise. As someone who grew up on Chicago hot dogs, there is nothing like a Jumbo Smart Dog in a warm bun with the works - yellow mustard, pickles, onions, sauerkraut, sport peppers and celery salt (hold the relish for me and definitely hold the ketchup) – to have an instant reminder that being vegan today doesn’t mean having to give up your familiar favorites foods.

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10-Question Interview with Vegan Foodie Julie Hasson

10-Question Interview with Vegan Foodie Julie Hasson
Julie Hasson has been a fixture in the vegan scene for a long time, and as if being owner of the popular Native Bowl food cart in Portland, recipe developer, prolific cookbook author, columnist, cooking show host, and baking mix entrepreneur weren’t enough, she has now embarked on a new project with her friend and fellow vegan, gluten-free foodie Kittee Berns: fun and fabulous new e-books and consultation via their new venture together, Julie & Kittee.

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How to stay strong against social pressure

We just updated our Guide for New Vegans
Our Guide for New Vegans was created to help new vegans deal with all the physical, mental, emotional and social pressures one faces after making a major lifestyle change. We just added our newest chapter and perhaps the most important, on Staying Strong Against Social Pressure and Gaining Resilience as a Vegan.

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The rapid global rise in veganism is keeping a lot of animal agribusiness people awake at night.

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