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Me Too
Me Too
Sunday morning, dutifully in my PJs, I went on Facebook to get caught up with what was happening in the world and with my friends and within minutes, I saw my first #MeToo post. I didn’t realize at the time that it was part of a larger momentum; I felt sad when I saw her post and commented on it but I thought it was just from her. Then as I scrolled on, I saw more and more of these same posts pouring in, copied-and-pasted, many with long threads under them, often with just those two stark, staccato words: Me too.

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10 Questions for Mercy For Animals founder Nathan Runkle

10-Question Interview with Mercy For Animals Founder Nathan Runkle
Back when Vegan Street was in its original incarnation, we had a P.O. box we’d check a couple of times a week for picking up t-shirt orders – so, yes, this was the olden days – and we would sometimes get a check from a young teen in Ohio named Nathan Runkle. We got orders from all over the country but there was something about these orders, written with a young person’s handwriting, sent from a town we’d never heard of in Ohio that really gave us a sense of hope and excitement for the burgeoning vegan movement we were just starting to notice rising up everywhere in those early days.

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Sasha Farm, October 2017

Sasha Farm, October, 2017
We've been lucky enough to be able to visit SASHA Farm since my son was a wee one with the Chicago Vegan Family Network and it remains one of the highlights of our year. Even at 15, our son still looks forward to our annual SASHA visit. Being able to interact with these innocent beings who have found freedom and sanctuary is so enriching to the vegan spirit and to see them in such a beautiful environment where they can just live their lives without fear or exploitation is gratifying beyond measure.

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