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10 Questions, Foodie Edition, for author Matthew Prescott
10 Questions, Vegan Foodie Edition, for Food Is the Solution author Matthew Prescott.

Food is the Solution: What to Eat to Save the World by Matthew Prescott is an ambitious undertaking, Full of informative chapters on how animal agribusiness harms animals, people and our planet – and plant-based diets help all of the above – Food is the Solution concentrates on persuasive arguments in the first half and great recipes in the second half. All is lushly photographed, well-organized and written for people to absorb in bursts, though it’s hard to resist the temptation to thumb through from start to finish.

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Vegan Fat Shaming: Not Kind, Not Helpful, Not Okay.
Vegan Fat Shaming: Not Kind, Not Helpful, Not Okay

Size-bigotry is a natural byproduct of diet culture, something we are so steeped in, we usually don’t even notice it. It is the air we breathe and the water we swim in; steeping in it like tea bags, diet culture is what we absorb. Press us and diet culture is what we will express. It is so pervasive, though, we can scarcely see it.

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Hannah Kaminsky

10 Questions, Vegan Foodie Edition to Photographer, Blogger and Cookbook Author Hannah Kaminsky

Hannah Kaminsky has been gifting the world with her alluring vegan recipes and adorable crafts since she was a wee teen and today, she lives in San Francisco as a photographer, continuing to post on her original website, BitterSweetBlog

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