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Basil-Sage-Garlic Vinegar
Animal agriculture is sickening: literally.

Colleen's Favorite Quinoa Salad

The Vegan Street Store Is Now Open!
An interview with Dr. Mary Wendt of Get Waisted How to PACE Yourself in Social Situations
Marla's latest blog posts from Vegan Feminist Agitator

10 questions (foodies) for Allison Rivers Samson

10 Questions, Foodie Edition, with Allison Rivers Samson

Whether we believe we're beautiful or unattractive, that we've got lots of opportunities or our best years are in the past, it's up to us. In other words, if you have a pimple or two, show up and be awesome with your pimple or two. If you don't have flat abs, you are still allowed to live your life fully. If you have some grey hairs, weird eyebrows, a scar on your mouth: this is still it. Time isn't going to stop and wait for everything to line up perfectly so you can pursue the life you want. There is no magic wand, either, to make the vitriolic critics disappear so you’re going to have to be stronger, bigger and bolder than they are - which you are - simply evidenced by the fact that you are sticking your neck out and they are the bitter ones spewing invective. You will still be hurt because you are not a machine, you have feelings, but, speaking from personal experience, over time it starts to hurt less and less and you start to really understand how to differentiate the opinions that count and the ones that simply don’t matter. Read more.

An Open Letter to My Son at Twelve...

Meeting of the Trolls...

“Good morning, everyone. Today is the - what is it? - 2031st meeting of the Alliance of the Hater Brigade. Thanks for coming, everyone. I think we’re going to start our meeting now.” 
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The Orthorexia Dilemma: Is Veganism an Eating Disorder?
The Orthorexia Dilemma: Is Veganism an Eating Disorder?
If anyone is empathetic to those struggling with eating disorders in our society, I am. I know that particular hell personally because I have walked it. I also understand the pressures to be thin, to meet society’s expectations of what “hot” means, and I can plainly see what a profoundly disturbed food culture we live in today. Shuffling popular culture’s hateful messaging to and about women with incendiary attitudes about food that border on the obsessive, many of us have the perfect storm waiting to happen.
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Why Vegans Make the Best Roommates

The Top 20 Reasons Why a Vegan May Make the Best Roommate You’ll Ever Have...
Wary about vegans? Don't worry, we don't bite (unless you're a vegetable). More of us are pretty easy and fun to be around. In fact, a vegan might be the best roommate you've ever had. Read the whole story

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